European Best Practice Standards Workshop

Right before the upcoming ENCLE/IJCLE conference in Bratislava, ENCLE organised on the 3rd July a workshop on "European Best Practice Standards – International and European Perspectives”. This workshop was the follow-up of the ENCLE Standards Workshop which took place in Valencia (January 2019, please see here the report of the meeting), where a number of European clinicians started the discussion on common set of European CLE standards. 

The purpose was to discuss the outcomes of Valencia workshop and proposed further steps.

In this context, it is worth to mention as example the draft standards document, that has been produced in the framework of the project "Skills Transfers In Academia: A Renewed Strategy" (acronym STARS, see and which has been also influenced by the discussions in Valencia. Please see the draft standards here

In addition, please see the summary (click here) of the CLE Standards plenary session, which was hold at the 6th ENCLE Conference in Turin in September 2018.

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