The Clinical Legal Education Handbook – available open access!

The Clinical Legal Education Handbook – available open access and free to download now
The Clinical Legal Education Handbook has been published as a free, open access online resource by The University of London Press. It can be downloaded for free here. Hardcopies can also be ordered for £35.  
The Handbook is primarily aimed at clinics in England and Wales, but is likely to have content that is of interest to those engaged in clinic in other jurisdictions. The idea for the Handbook was devised at a Clinical Legal Education Organisation (CLEO) conference in the UK in 2016 and its contents were shaped by contributions and feedback from a number of CLEO members.  It contains contributions from more than 25 clinicians, practising lawyers and third sector experts and is intended to act as a good practice guide and practical resource for those engaged in the design and delivery of clinical legal education programmes at university law schools.
The Handbook offers direction on how to establish and run student law clinics and sets out guidance on both the pedagogical and regulatory considerations involved in the delivery of clinical programmes. It also provides an introduction to the existing body of research and scholarship on Clinical Legal Education (CLE).
The Handbook can be used by staff involved in running law clinics as a practical guide to establishing and running their programmes and can also be used as a teaching resource and recommended text on clinical programmes. It will also be a valuable resource for clinical legal education researchers who wish to engage in regulatory, pedagogic and legal service delivery research in this area.

European Journal of Legal Education

The European Journal of Legal Education on behalf of the European Law Faculties Association (ELFA) is re-launched on the 22 Mai 2020. 

It will be an online, open access, fully peer-reviewed journal addressing all aspects of legal education (including also clinical legal education), but with a European focus. Our goal is to develop interest in pedagogy throughout Europe and we are interested in attracting both readers and contributors. 

To see the European Journal of Legal Education go to the Journal’s website or follow the links on the ELFA website. Be sure also to follow us on Twitter (@ejle_eu) and check out the introductory video on YouTube. 


Presentation of the STARS Project

image        A consortium of 5 Univeristies in Europe (University of BresciaUniversity of Luxembourg, University of Roma Tre, Palacký University in Olomouc, and the Romanian-American University) has launched the Erasmus Plus Programme called "STARS" (“Skills Transfers in Academia: a Renewed Strategy enhancing legal clinics in the European Union”), which aims to develop innovation in higher eduction, especially regarding innovative teaching methods.
Please see more about the project on its website: see link here.

European Standards for Clinical Legal Education

Since 2018, ENCLE is engaged in an open process to create a common set of Standards for Clinical Legal Education (CLE) in Europe. The main aim is to provide some guiding principles on CLE to law clinics in Europe. While this process is still very much open and under discussions, some specific outcomes have been achieved so far:

  • The concrete idea to develop a common set of European CLE standards were launched after the ENCLE Conference in Turin in 2018, where a plenary sessions (see the video and the summary of the Turin plenary session) took place on CLE standards.


  • After this, a first workshop was held in Valencia in January 2019 where a number of European clinicians met to discuss the development of European CLE standards (see summary of the Valencia roundtable).


  • In the meantime and in the frame of the STARS project (Skill Transfers in Academia: a Renewed Strategy - an Erasmus+ project), the law clinics engaged in the STARS project developed a draft set of CLE standards, which served as an example for the ENCLE discussions on standards.


  • A second ENCLE standards workshop was then held in Bratislava in July 2019 (see the summary of the Bratislava workshop), which comprised a plenary sessions and discussions in thematic groups.



ENCLE aims to finalise the discussion about a European document on CLE standards in 2021. Please do not hesitate to share your comments and suggestions related to the “ENCLE Project on European Standards for Clinical Legal Education” (regarding the general objectives, the process used so far and/or content) by sending an email to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  . 


LexternWeb: A Legal Externship Resources Website Launched

An updated version of LexternWeb was launched by the American Association of Law Schools (AALS) Clinical Section Externship Committee in 2017 and is managed by Professor Kendall Kerew of Georgia State University.  It builds on the original LexternWeb created by J.P. Ogilvy at The Catholic University of America in 2009.

Please find the website with links to many useful teaching tools here: